Windows 9 and the Future of Windows

UPDATE: View our official demo for Windows 10! http://bit.ly/1uHX0tf The Tech Stage #2 - Windows 9 and the Future of Windows With BUILD 2014 already sold out, people must be getting ready to see what's in store for Windows 9! In this episode, Ken talks about what the future design may look like, and he shows off a great concept by Jay Machalani! The concept was designed by Jay Machalani at: http://jaymachalani.com The market share data was put together by PCWorld. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK http://fb.thecomputerclan.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @hildron101010 @rainulous @iWindowsTech @tweetlyclever @TBaloneyboy @AT88TV @bryandbj @thecomputerclan WEBSITE http://www.thecomputerclan.com TECH BLOG http://blog.thecomputerclan.com
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